Sunday, June 15, 2008


Someone posted a comment on my last post and when I tried to publish it, I'm guessing I hit delete instead because now it's not showing up. My greatest apologies and thank you. I remember the comment, but not who sent it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Finished objects

Really, I haven't been that productive this week, I just finally got some pictures off of my camera.

Here's the finished 3D picture/shadow box for my father for Father's Day. Now that I'm finished with it and I look at it, I see so much I could have done to make it look better and more finished.

Here's a dish cloth I've been working on. It's almost finished. I knit it on sixe 6 needles in a seed stitch.

I had a wedding las weekend and I had this sweater to wear over a black halter dress. It was a little blah as is, so I decided to embroider some pink flowers on it. The bonus? I have at least one other outfit I can wear it with!

I think I've made some nice progress on my list in my last post.