Sunday, May 11, 2008

Decorated /Painted Picture Frames

I tried something new recently.

A good friend of mine and former co-worker invited me to her wedding shower last weekend. I knew I'd but her something from her registry, but I also wanted to get her something a little more personal. When I got married in 2002, at the shower that she and my other co-workers threw for me, she gave me a picture frame that said "Wedding of the Year" around the frame. Talicia (the co-worker now getting married) said that if she ever got married she was going to need a frame that said "Wedding of the Century." So I made one for her.
I bought 3 unfinished shadow boxes/picture frames, some acryllic paint, foam brushes, cheap small paint brushes, clear glass flat bottom marbles, decoupage medium and some craft glue.

I painted the frame.
While I let the frame dry, I cut out the letters I wanted and decoupaged them to the bottoms of the marbles.

Then I glued the marbles to the frame.

It turned out much cuter in person.

The second one I did turned out perfectly!

I painted the frame in dark purple and then a lighter purple around the edges.

After the base coat dried, I taped the sides and I taped a border stripe.

After the stripes dried, I sealed it and glued on some paper flowers that I got from the scrapbook section of Michael's.
That one is going to make a fantastic birthday present for a friend. I almost wish I could keep it!

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