Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Endeavors

This afternoon Michael picked me up and we went to drop off my fair entries (yay!!) and then he took me out for lunch. I'm glad to have it done with and delivered. Now I want the fair to be over so I can pick the bags up and use them!

I'm currently trying to learn something new. Yesterday, my knitting buddy at work showed me a new method for casting on and how to knit on double pointed needles in the round. I was scared and intimidated to get started last night, but no eyeballs were poked out during the making of my useless practice cylinder. I'm going to practice some more and then I'm going to try a hat. Then once I conquer that, I'm going to figure out socks.


Carrie Penny said...

CONGRATS MONICA! I just saw the listings online!!!!

Monica said...

Thank you Carrie!!!!