Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hello Spring!

As normal here lately, I am sorry for my lack of posting. This working thing really gets in the way of my fun time! I kind of enjoy the paycheck though, so I muddle through. Seriously, though, I have been a little busy. I am re-reading the Wheel of Time series, by the late Robert Jordan. The most recent book in the series came out either at the end of last year or the first of this year. In preparation for the new book and since it had been so long since I had finished reading them I decided I needed to read them over...I've been working on this since September. I have 2 books to finish until I get to enjoy the last one. I'm really looking forward to finishing. I need a few good trashy romance novels...err...umm...I mean NY Times Bestsellers. I work during the day, knit at lunch and when I get home and read in the car and if I have time before I get ready for work. Most of the time blogging and visiting blogs doesn't cross my radar and honestly, I miss it. Somehow I need to find the time to get back to it more often. I partially blame Mafia Wars on Facebook.

Anyway, back to crafting. I'm afraid I do not have any new knitting pictures to share. I'm working on my third baby blanket since February-ish. 2 of them have been the same feather and fan pattern you've seen me do before. But the one that I'm working on now is a new pattern for me. I'm not posting any of the details here because the person it's for may visit and although she knows she's getting a blanket that's all she knows. I'm so excited though!!!! It's already so pretty!!! If you want to see my progress and you're a member, check me out on Ravelry. I'm Bubbette.

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Anonymous said...

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