Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well, Dammit!

Sometimes, no matter how careful you think you're being, you end up doing something backwards.

I've been figuring out a project for a coworker for the past few weeks now. It's a carrier for hot bowls/pans. It's simple enough. 2 big pieces of fabric, wooden handle... Last night I deemed myself ready to work, so I got my husband to help measure and cut the fabric. He cut the fabric, then I ironed and pinned. As I was pinning, I had in my mind the last time I made anything. That time, I ended up pinning it together backwards and had to rip out the seams so I could correct it. I knew I was being much more careful and paying a lot more attention to what I was doing this time. There was no way I could have made any mistake with putting it together. Except that I wasn't and I did.

I placed everything just so and pinned it. Then I changed the thread in my sewing machine and got started. I sewed the bottom. I sewed over it again so it would be super secure. I sewed the side. And then I took a closer look at it. Instead of putting it together right sides together, I put it together right side down. I ended up wasting a good 15-20 minutes ripping out seams! So frustrating! Pay attention, Monica!!!!!

I must have been daydreaming about all the other projects I want to start.

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