Monday, September 29, 2008

Bad Ass Knittin Bag: DONE!

I got up bright and early Saturday morning to get started on my list of things I wanted to get done. Michael went in to work for a little while so I had a nice quiet house all to myself with no distractions. I watched a few of the tv shows I taped last week while I worked on the baby blanket. After a while I switched to working on my bag. I measured and cut the fabric, put the pockets together, pinned the shoulder straps, ironed everything, sewed the pockets into the lining, started sewing the straps. About halfway through the last strap, my sewing machine did something very strange. Then it stopped. It stopped everything. I'm not really sure what it was doing, but I didn't have the time to figure it out. After fussing a lot, crying a little (or vice versa) I made a trip out to Joanne's and Hobby Lobby, if nothing else but to see If I had any options. I was in no mind to think rationally, so I called Michael almost in tears from Hobby Lobby. My husband has the heart of an angel. He offered to buy a new machine so that I wouldn't stress out anymore than I already was. I got the exact some kind I had before. Now I need to figure out what was going on with the first one so that I can fix it and sell it or something.

Anyway...Here's a picture of the finished embroidery.

Here's the finished outside:

And here's the inside. It has a big pocket with a smaller pocket over it on both sides.

I'm so stinking glad to be done with it! It's not perfect by any means, but it fits my needs and it's washable.


Christy said...

That happened to me once! Everything just stopped and I couldn't make anything go. The motor was working but nothing would move. I finally figured out that the bobbin thread had somehow wrapped itself completely around the outside of the little bobbin casing thigamig. Once I got it all out of there, everything worked fine again.

Christy said...

Oh! And the bag looks great!

Karen said...

Wow Monica, it's really awesome. I'm so impressed!