Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quick Progress Update...

Just so that no one will think I’m a slacker, I thought I’d do a little update. Sorry, no pictures this time.

Felted bag: I’m still looking for the perfect something to embellish it with. I don’t really want to do any embroidery on it, but I can’t find the perfect button or pin for it. Maybe I’m too picky.

Bad Ass Knittin Bag: It’s all done, but the sewing. I’ve been procrastinating more than I need to on this one. My deadline for delivering it for the fair is next week and I’m still not really sure how I want to put it together. I usually have things planned out to the slightest variance. This whole flying by the seat of my pants thing is exciting and nerve-wracking.

Baby blankets: The blanket that I was knitting back in July (#1) has finally been completely completed. I finished weaving the ends in on Sunday. The blanket I’m currently working on (#2) is halfway there. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it will be completed before the baby is here. I’m just missing by a couple of days though.

Other that that, I’m trying to figure out what I’ll do next. I have several baby projects I’d like to do. Maybe try my hand at some little hats. I’d love to find a simple sweater pattern to knit for myself. First I’ll have to save some money to pay the small fortune it will cost to buy that much good yarn. I also want to do another embroidery project similar to my knitting bag. Only time will tell what I actually end up doing.

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