Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Holiday Craftiness

I hope that everyone had as fabulous a holiday season as I did!! Apparently, I was a very good girl this year, because Santa brought me everything I wanted. Michael got me a purple iPod Nano, the entire series of Star Trek Deep Space Nine on DVD, and a set of Harmony Interchangeable circular needles. I was all kinds of nerded out over the holidays!

Aren't these needles beautiful? They're already my favorites by far!

I haven't really been working on a lot. My new position is keeping me very busy. There's a lot to learn and get used to. I had to find something quick and easy to knit with my new needles though so I chose to make some cotton dishcloths. They turned out ok. I really like the green striped ones.

here are some pictures of a bag I made as a gift. Here it is after I sewed the seams together and put the straps on, before I felted it.

Here it is after washing and drying it. See how much smaller it got?

And here it is after I embroidered a few simple little daisy stitch flowers on it. Overall, I think it turned out pretty well. I see lots of stuff I would have done differently, but it was still well received by the person I gave it to and that's what matters.

Next on the list is a baby blanket. I think.


Carrie Penny said...

The bag looks great to me! I would have loved getting it... The daisys were a great touch! The needles were a great holiday score! I have a different set of interchangeable needles. I use them all of the time ( I never like straight needles).

Christy said...

You like the needle set? I was toying with the idea of buying that set. I was worried that the colors would make it hard to see the yarn.

Monica said...

I love the needles! I used them to make the dishcloths that I showed. I usually hate making anythng with cotton because it has so little give to it, but using the Harmony needles the cotton moved on the needles so much better! I don't know about any other type yarn yet though.

Melissa said...

I just ordered some needles from knitpicks! I am glad to know that you liked them!