Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baby Blankets for Everyone!

Last weekend I started my biggest knitting project to date: a baby blanket.

I went to Michaels and got the yarn. Lots of pinks and purples and even some green for another splash of color.

I had chosen a pattern earlier. I'm using the pattern for the Big Bad Baby Blanket in the Stitch n Bitch book.

I have done nothing but knit this past week. While the notion is with me I need to get it done, otherwise I'll procrastinate like nobody's business! The good news is that I'm 3/4 of the way through with it. It's been so exciting! (yep, I'm a nerd) It's been my first pattern that I've had to pay attention to rather than making it up as I went. It's also been my first time using circular needles.

Here's a picture of the whole thing so far. I'm sorry to say that this picture does not do it justice at all. I should have found a better place to lay it out other than my kitchen table I guess.

This is a picture of the middle of it which shows the actual pattern. It looks like four blocks with a border around the whole thing.

I've had off of work since Wednesday afternoon and it's pretty much been all knitting all the time around here. Now that I've had the idea that this blanket might become my standard baby gift and I feel ambitious, pregnant women are coming out of the woodworks! I know 4 people due between October-December. I think I have the gumption to finish this one and one more before I need a big break so I can finally get to work on my Bad Ass Knittin Bag.


Christy said...

Is the color that rich in real life? It's lovely.

Monica said...

It's even better in real life! The picture kind of dulls the darker purples and the greens.