Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bad Ass Knittin Bag Part 1

I started the work on my bad ass knittin bag this weekend!! Friday I pre-washed the fabric, Saturday I ironed it and cut out the outside of the bag, and then I put my husband to work.

Here he is making his blog debut. He's transferring the pattern onto my fabric.

This is what the pattern looks like before I started work.

And here it is after a little longer than a day of work.

Damn this thing called work that interrupts my embroidering and knitting!


Sara said...

It is totally badass. I LOVE it! Great pattern; I really need to find some good ones.

Sara said...

That is totally badass! I love the patterns and what you've done so far! Where do you look for patterns? (I don't know if I submitted my last comment correctly, so this might be the second time you get this)

Monica said...

That is almost completely designed and created by me and Michael. The saying I picked up from an episode of Gilmore Girls and the rest of it Michael and I came up with. Michael used Microstation to draw it. Then he used transfer paper to get it on the fabric.

Jenny at Sublime Stitching has awesome patterns if you're looking for something that's not the run of the mill traditional stuff. Most of the embroidery I've done in the past couple years has either been items that have come prepatterned or things I've traced onto fabric.

Carrie Penny said...

I love it, but are you doing that by hand or on a machine. I never could figure out how to make hand stitching pretty.

Monica said...

It's all hand embroidered. I'm not too big on machine embroidery. It all seems to perfect to me. But take that with a grain of salt. If I ever used an embroidery machine my opinion might change.

Tonisha said...

Monica I LOVE that design. YAY for Michael making his blog debut!! You're so crafty Monica!! Now if you could just transfer some of those cooking skills to me I would really appreciate it!! ;-)