Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Knitting Needle Case Instructions

In my last post I told about the knitting needle case I made. Here are pictures and instructions in case anyone is interested.

You will need:

2 pieces 26x22 inch fabric in coordinating colors/fabric. One is for the outside, the other is the lining.
1 piece 22x7 1/2 inch fabric (small pocket)
1 piece 22x11 inch fabric (large pocket)
2 pieces medium weight fusible interface cut to same dimensions as pockets
ribbon (2 pieces, approximately 20 inches each).

Before starting, iron all pieces of fabric.
Fuse interface onto correct fabric.
Pin a 1 inch fold in both pockets, iron, hem and iron again.
Put pieces together, right sides together in the following order:
Outside fabric, right side up.
Fold ribbon pieces in half and pin one piece about 11 inches from bottom, and the other 5 inches from bottom.
Small pocket, wrong side up.
Larger pocket, wrong side up.
Lining, wrong side up
Sew bottom and sides, leaving edges at top unsewn.
Trim edges and corners.
Turn rightside out and iron.
Turn down unfinished top edge so that unfinished edge is not showing. Sew across.
Measure out how big you want the individual pockets to be, mark and sew.
Once finished stock with your needles, scissors and other paraphenalia.
Fold the top flap down and roll together, starting with the ribbonless edge.
Securely tie with the ribbon.
Voila! A cute and handy place to keep your knitting tools!

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