Thursday, February 14, 2008

Project Completed!

Woo Hoo!!

Since starting to knit I've already collected several sets of knitting needles and other paraphenalia. At some point I realized that I couldn't continue to toss them in the bottom of my knitting bag and not have them get broken or whatever so I knew I needed to come up with an alternative. I hunted on the net for some type of case, but I couldn't find one for my price range that looked well constructed. So I decided to make my own. I already had the fabric, why not? I went to JoAnn's Craft store and looked at some patterns, looked some more online and decided to try to just eyeball it instead of doing it by a pattern.

I enlisted the help of my husband to help measure and cut since he's much more prescise than I tend to be. We got everything cut out Monday night and I started sewing at my newly set up crafting table. I pinned the pieces together, sewed the bottom and one side and realized that I missed some crucial steps in the middle. I forgot to put in the fusible interfacing and to hem the pockets. I was so disgusted with myself for forgetting all that I just left it until the next morning.

On Tuesday I got up and ripped out all of my handywork from the night before, went to work and then came home that evening ready to get some crafting done. I finally got everything put together properly and the main part sewed up and turned rightside out. I had to call it a night because the tv does rule my crafting life for the most part.

I didn't work on it last night because I had to bake a cheesecake and I didn't wnat to be back and forth with food in one room and fabric in the other. This morning though I was able to finish it. It's perfect!

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